Machida Karate

Adult Program

Machida Karate is a dynamic and effective method of training that is practical for self-defense. Easy to learn for all ages, it is applicable in realistic situations and improves your fitness level by developing well-rounded combative and fighting skills.

Over the last several decades, karate has lost its core effectiveness as a method of street self-defense due to the emphasis most schools place on point-based sportive tournaments. Machida Karate is committed to preserving the integrity of the art by teaching the techniques and philosophies that ensure karate’s effectiveness where it matters most.

Machida Karate is a very traditional form of karate that was adapted by Master Machida and his sons to be effective in real street self-defense situations as well as MMA competitions. It utilizes traditional techniques such as punches, knees, kicks and elbows, but also incorporates takedowns and submissions.


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